Automatically sync scores to your LMS

If your institution is utilizing LMS integration with our Rubrics tool, you have the option to toggle the syncing of student results with your LMS system.

By default, your student's data will be able to automatically sync with your LMS, so that the scores given to them in Rubrics will be pushed into your LMS system. You can control which student's scores get synced, and which do not, by toggling the ""Allow Sync"" option next the each student's name. You will also see when the last sync for each student occurred in the ""LMS Sync"" column.

Turning off Syncing

If you would like to turn off syncing for all students in this this assignment, select the ""LMS Sync"" option from the Tools button on the upper right side of the Assignment page.




You will be given the option to toggle the syncing for all students on an off for this assignment.



This will change the display in the assignment and remind you that syncing is disabled for this assignment. Even if you had previously synced student scores to your LMS, the data will not continue to sync until you re-enable LMS Sync in the Tools area.


If you have questions about syncing, please don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team! You can reach out to us by emailing or calling us at 716.270.0000.

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