If you have a need for a student or staff to evaluate themselves using the Rubrics tool, the following instructions can assist you in setting that user up correctly.

  • Make sure the user has an account in Core Data in order for them to appear as a subject and evaluator in the rubrics tool. You may need to work with your campus' Data Manager to accomplish this.
  • If the final score will be an average of the self-evaluation and evaluation by others (supervisor, RD, peers, etc.), make sure that the rubric template you plan to use has Multiple Evaluations turned on.
  • Self-Evaluation is only possible for Assessments, not Assignments (Assignments only appear when your LMS integrates with rubrics).

Adding self-evaluators

Once you have created an assessment, you will need to add the user as an evaluator.

  • Click on the Tools option in the upper right corner of the page, then select Manage Evaluators.



  • Add your users by typing in their username, first name, last name, or email in the search bar provided. You can check the box below their name if you would like to send them an email letting them know they have been added as an evaluator. Click on +Add User to add the user as an evaluator to the assessment.
    • Once you have added them as an evaluator, you can grant them Limited View, which will prevent them from seeing the scores created by any other evaluator who has access to your rubric. This may be desirable if you have many students as evaluators, and want to prevent them from seeing the scores of their peers. 


  • Your evaluators can now log into their Rubrics and find the assessment you have assigned to them.
    • Notice the clipboard icon next to the assessment title in the example below. This indicates that they are an evaluator on this assessment (as opposed to you, the creator of the assessment).


  • In this example, Aaron is a limited evaluator, which means they can only see the scores they give themselves. Aaron should click on +New Entry to evaluate themselves.
    • NOTE: Limited evaluators can evaluate anyone with an account in rubrics, but they will not see the final scores of any individual.


  • In the search bar, Aaron can search for themselves by first name, last name, username, or email. They will get a notice reminding them that as an evaluator, they may be able to see their own evaluation, but it will not prevent them from self-evaluating.



  • Once Aaron has completed their rubric, they will be able to see their results. They will also be able to see the names of other subjects who have been evaluated, but they will only see the scores they themselves provided.



  • Compare this to the creator of the assessment, or an evaluator who does not have limited view turned on, who will be able to see the full assessment results:



If you have additional questions, you can contact our Support Team via email at support@campuslabs.com or call 716-270-0000 Monday through Friday 8:00am - 8:00pm EST.

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