How do I Export Rubric Results?

Results may be exported by clicking on the "Tools" Section of a given assessment/assignment and then clicking the "Export Entries" button. This will then generate a Microsoft Excel(.xlsx) download. (Screenshot showed below).



What Data is Exported?


Abbreviated Snippet of Data Shown 

The rubric entries export feature provides evaluators the ability to export all related data to a given entry. This includes dimension scores, as both points and percentages, and respective achievement levels, meta information regarding when the entry was created, last edited and by whom, as well as evaluator comments, both overall and by dimension.

If an entry has multiple evaluations, results for each are exported.

Who has the Ability to Export?

Both evaluators and assessment owners can export results. If an evaluator has been provided with a 'limited view' of the assessment/assignment they will not be able to export results.

Incomplete Entry Scores

If any entry score is *incomplete, results will not be available for export until all entries have been given a score and marked complete.


*Incomplete entries are denoted by the word "INCOMPLETE" appearing in the scoring area for the entry, as well as a warning symbol in the average score visual.


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