Once data has been entered into your Rubric Assessment, it will be important to review the results and report the data out to appropriate parties. This article reviews important elements of Rubric Assessments and Templates related to results.


Overview of rubrics scores


This section will give you a summary of your rubric scores. You’ll see the average score as well as the low and high scores. This is displayed in percentage and points. 


Individual results


At the bottom of the page, you’ll see each individual’s results listed. Their names and usernames are displayed on the left and their scores on the right. You can use the Search Entries area to look for specific users.

Note: If multiple evaluations is applied to the rubric template being used in the Assessment (as is demonstrated in the example above), the evaluator will be able to click Show Evaluations within each entry to see how the subject scored across each evaluation. The score that displays in the top row of that subject's entry will be determined by however the rubric template was designed (e.g., sum of all scores, average of all scores, most recent of all scores, or manually selected).


Evaluation details for an individual

To see the details of how an individual subject scored in the rubric, click the name of the subject.


The subject's total score and where they placed in each dimension and achievement is displayed, along with any comments that were provided. Total score displays as points and as  percentage if scoring is turned on for the rubric template used in this Assessment. If Multiple Evaluations was turned on for the rubric template (as in the example above), the distribution of achievements across all evaluations is also displayed.


Results access 

Only the creator of the rubric assessment can see the Results Access button, displayed in the top right corner of each individual subject's evaluation and in the Tools feature on the Assessment page. By clicking the Results Access button, you have the options to:

  • Allow all completed individual rubric results to be viewed – turning this on enables those who have been evaluated to be able to view their individual results. This needs to be enabled to use the Send Link button.


  • Send e-mail with link to individual rubric results – this will automatically push out an email to each person who was evaluated. The email contains a link to their own rubric results. (This is our recommended method for sharing individual rubric scores, and relies on each person having an account in the core data system with a valid email address. If you chose to type in a subject's name instead of selecting from the list, you will not be able to use this feature. If you have further questions about this capability, please reach out to your Consultant.)


If you need additional assistance with reviewing rubric data, please don’t hesitate to contact your Consultant. For technical support, you can also reach out to us by submitting a ticket or calling us at 716.270.0000.

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