The Moodle integration enables instructors to synchronize assignments created in Moodle with the Campus Labs Rubrics tool and rubric scores and comments with the Moodle gradebook. 

Once your institution's LMS administrator has enabled the Moodle/Rubrics integration faculty and staff will have the ability to begin syncing data between Moodle and Rubrics. In the screenshot below you will see what the the Campus Labs course sync block looks like within the Moodle experience.


Within the course sync block you will see three options:
Launch Rubrics - opens a new/separate browser tab with that user's Rubrics (it will authenticate that user into their Rubrics account)
Sync Data - will sync current information (assignments and enrollments) from Moodle into Rubrics. If a faculty member updates an assignment or course enrollment, they will need to sync those changes with Rubrics.
Get Grades - will sync Rubrics with the LMS to bring rubric scores and comments from the Rubric application into the Moodle gradebook.
Step One: Sync LMS Enrollments & Assignments
Step Two: Choose Assignment you would like to Assess
Once your course data has synced with Rubrics and you recieve the "Course data synchronization is complete" notification you will want to click "Launch Rubrics." This will bring you into the Rubrics application in a seperate window.
Under "assignments" you will see those assignments you have created inside of Moodle.
You will click on the Assignment title to associate a rubric template or one you have created from scratch with your assignment.
Step Three: Evaluate Students

After you have associated a rubric with your assignment and open the rubric you will see student enrolled in the course listed as entries within the rubric. When you begin evaluating students you will see the word ""incomplete"" in bold blue letters. In order to begin evaluating a given student, you will want to click the edit button to the right and fill out the rubric. Once you fill out the rubric and click done you will see that score reflected per student.

A warning icon will appear in the average score card until all students have been evaluated. This will not prevent other students scores from being synced. You can prevent scores being synced back into the grade book by simply toggling the option on or off for each student.

Editing a student score is as easy as clicking the edit button again and updating any comments or dimension scores. Such updates will be synced into the grade book, replacing the previous score and comments.


Step Four: Sync Scores and Comments

Scores and comments from a student's evaluation will need to be synced back into the Moodle course grade book. In order to accomplish this, you will need to go back into Moodle and click the ""Get Grades"" button. When grades and comments have been successfully synced you will recieved a notifcation as per the screenshot below.

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